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The North Borneo War Monument, 1923

Police Headquarters and Atkinson Clock Tower, 1905

Jesselton Town, 1954

Stories from the Archives

  • Long time Sembulan residents recall what they saw, 24 June 2012

    He was returning home to Sembulan Tengah with his family when he spotted a big crowd in the distance on June 6, 1976. Published by Daily Express. 
  • History Of Sabah

    Before the 16th century, the area we know as Sabah, Brunei and Sarawak centred around the kingdom of Brunei. 
  • In Memorium, Datuk Peter Mojuntin, June 1976

    Datuk Peter Mojuntin was born in Kg. Hungab Penampang, in 1939 as a second son and child in the family. Published by Catholic Sabah. 
  • Claim to North Borneo by Philippines, 16 September 1963

    The story of the occupation of North Borneo by the British began in a way with James Brooke. Published by Sabah Times. 
  • Detik-detik perjuangan Mat Salleh menentang British, 6 Januari 2013

    Mat Salleh, merupakan pejuang Sabah yang terkenal dalam memberi tentangan yang hebat kepada penjajahan British di Sabah. Diterbitkan oleh New Sabah…

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