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The North Borneo War Monument, 1923

Police Headquarters and Atkinson Clock Tower, 1905

Jesselton Town, 1954

Stories from the Archives

  • A Look at Sabah's Modern History, 1 October 1993

    The modern history of Sabah may began from the date of the visit of H.M.S Iris to Labuan. Published by Daily Express.
  • The Sabah Story

    On Portuguese map, Sabah is known as Felicia the land of Happy People. Lazing in Labuan.
  • Plane Crash: Tun Fuad and Ten Others Killed,1 June 1976

    Sabah Chief Minister, Tun Haji Mohd Fuad and others killed in plane crash. Published by Daily Express.
  • The Twenty Points Analysed, 30 June 1967

    The 20 points analyzed where, when and how they were broken. Published by Sabah Times.
  • Historical Notes on the North Borneo Dispute, May 1966

    The Philippine claim to the territory of North Borneo. The Journal of Asian Studies.

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