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Shirley Sion
(+6) 088 268904

After completing her A Level, Shirley worked as a temporary teacher in S.M.K. Tenghilan, Tamparuli from September 1986 to December 1987. Thereafter she taught at Simon Fung Primary School, KK from January to June 1988. After obtaining her degree in August 1992 from University Science Malaysia, Penang, she taught History at her alma mater school, SM. All Saints, Likas, KK from September 1992 to February 1993.

Joined The Sabah State Archives on 1st March 1993 and was assigned to various sections within the department-Identification of Information Sources Section (1993-1994), Records Service Section (1995), Documentation and Publication Section (1995-1997), Acquisition Section (1998), Research and Documentation Section (1999), Conservation and Reprography Section (2000), Acquisition and Monitoring Section (2001-2002), Conservation and Reprography Section (2003-2004) and back to Acquisition and Monitoring Section (2005-2010).

In 2011, she was transferred to head the Organizational Development and Technology Section in-charge of staff training and career development, ICT, publications, exhibitions, documentation, audio-visual, public inquiries, complaints and visits until 2016 after which she was once again assigned as Acquisition Section Head (2017-2019). In July 2020, she was appointed deputy director and heads the Government Records Management Sector.

Shirley has visited and undertaken research work in several archival institutions in London and attended seminars as well as conferences organized by The Southeast Asia Regional Branch of the International Council on Archives (SARBICA) held in Kuala Lumpur, Brunei, Singapore and Vietnam. She was also a recipient of post graduate for Archival Science from the International Institute (IIAS) Italy- Slovenia. In December 2022, she was appointed to head the Sabah State Archives Department.

Shirley was previously Chairperson of The Sabah State Archives Sports and Welfare Club and currently a member of the State Public Service Coaching Peer (AKRAB) and Chair for Archives AKRAB.

Dayangku Norasimah Binti Pg. Ahmad
PA Director
(+6) 088-250600
(+6) 088-225803
Stephen Wong
Deputy Director

Joined The Sabah State Archives in December 1993 with a degree in Bachelor of Computer Science, University Putra Malaysia. Was attached to various sections in the department until to his present posting as Head of the Archives Resource Centre since 2018. On the same year, he was appointed the Chief Information Officer (CIO) and was given added task to build the IT infrastructure of the department. Besides IT, Stephen is secretary to the department's exhibition committee.

Like the other Archives officers, Stephen chanced to attend courses, conferences and seminars organised by SARBICA, ICA and SEPAVAA held in Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand and Philippines.

A very active sportsman in badminton during his early career days and did represent the state. He is also an avid golfer who represented the Sabah State Civil Service thru MAKSAK since 2014. Currently the vice-chair of the MAKSAK Golf Committee.

Ramasita Tubong
PA Deputy Director
(+6) 088-267915
(+6) 088-267944
Hayatun Nursafura Binti Boting
Head of Administation Section

Hayatun is a public administration diploma graduate from the University Institute Technology Mara. She started her career in the state public service on 1 August 1997 as an assistant administrator assigned at the Putatan Sub-District Office. In 2009, she was transferred to the Ministry of Infrastructure Development as assistant administation officer then in 2020 at the Sabah State Archives.

She heads the administration section that deals with human resource, the registry, building and maintenance, store and asset management and ICT.

Currently she is the Chairperson of the Sabah State Archives Sports and Welfare Club for the year 2021-2022.

Awang Esyamudeen Awang Mokti
Head of Finance Section

Awang Esyamudeen started his career in the Sabah State Civil Service on 1 April 1997. His first posting as assistant accountant was at the Water Department, Sandakan (1997-2001), then Kota Belud (2002-2003) thereafter at Public Works Department (2004- September 2010), to Sabah Native Affairs Office, Kota Kinabalu (2010-2017) and then at the Sabah Islamic Affairs Department (2017- May 2021) until finally landed at the Sabah State Archives on May 2021 as senior assistant accountant heading the finance section of the department.

He graduated Diploma in Accountancy from the University Institute Technology Mara (UiTM) in 1996 and currently pursuing his Bachelor's in Accountancy at his alma mater, (UiTM).

Jiliah Situn
Head of Records Centre Section

Jiliah began her career in the civil service in 1988 (Jan - August) as a temporary secondary school teacher. She obtained her BA Hons in Education and History from the Middlesex University, London in 1992 and joined the Sabah State Archives in July 1993.

While serving with the department over a period of years, Jiliah has been heading various sections in the department. Was deployed to the Sabah Museum from 2016 to 2017 and was reposted back to the department in 2018 and headed the Organization Development Section. She undertook research and collaborated with RTM on behalf of the department and successfully documented Tonggorib which was aired in Rona Sabah,
RTM TV1. Her niche for ethnicity enabled her to organise a historical symposium on Pitimbungakan Pengait vs Head Hunters at the Univeristy Malaysia Sabah. She also contributes her thoughts on records and electronic management to newpapers.

Attended seminars, courses and workshops on oral history and oral tradition, personality development and records management in Kuala Lumpur and London.

A very talented lady who loves singing, emceeing and even has her own original Bosou recipe, a very renown Ethnic appetizer in Sabah. Jiliah is also President of the Dusun Liwan Association in Sabah.

Mohd. Fazree Bin Ramlin
Records Centre, Kota Kinabalu & Keningau

Fazree, who holds a Diploma Degree in Science, University of Technology Mara started his career as an inspector for Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), Sabah Ammonia Urea Project (SAMUR), Sipitang from 2013 to 2016. Thereafter in 2017 he worked with Malaysia Airlines as Passenger Handling Officer until 2019.

In 2020 he joined the State Civil Service and was posted to The Sabah State Archives Department. While at the department he gained orientation at the Records Management Section, Acquisition Section, Conservation and Reprography Section, Records Centre, Kota Kinabalu and presently heads the Records Centre, Sandakan in 2021.

An avid reader in science and fiction and enjoys research, nature and exploring deep ocean fishing.

He has been appointed as chair for Social Bureau of the Sabah State Archives Sports and Welfare Club for the term 2021-2022.

Henry Clement
Head of Acquisition Section

A diploma graduate who joined the Sabah State Civil Service on 1 April 1993. He served various sections before heading the Acquistion Section in 2018. A section that identifies, acquires and process Sabah's historical archival records. He was one of the MA63 team member to undertake research in London in 2019.

A man of many skills who loves music and plays the organ without referring to keynotes. He also has a niche for multi-media and documentary albeit in IT too!

Also attended trainings, seminars, workshops and conferences organized by Southeast Asia Regional Branch of the International Council on Archives (SARBICA) and Southeast Asia-Pacific Ausio-Visual Archives Association (SEAPAVAA) held in the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore.

Razali Hj. Dait
Head of Conservation and Reprography Section

An Archives officer who joined The Sabah State Archives in 1996. Had served various section before heading the Conservation and Reprography Section in 2020. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Development from the University Putra Malaysia.

Was Archives liason officer for former ministers in-charge of archives, deputy state secretaries, heads of department, departmental record state officers to visiting archival institutions in Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei and Kuala Lumpur.

Had the priviledge to attend conferences, seminars and workshops organized by SARBICA and SEPAVAA.

He is currently the Chair for BIANS, a member of the State Public Service Coaching Peer (AKRAB) and deputy chair of Archives AKRAB and Team leader of Archives Disaster Control on Records.